MyCallCloud has the ability to send automated alerts when your system needs attention. Savvy managers know things happen and there are times when staff is not watching the ‘Dialer.’  They also know the staff get focused on specific issues and sometimes do not see critical events building up.  Automated Alerts on your MyCallCloud system will alert appropriate staff of critical thresholds being crossed and they can jump into action to ensure the needs of the call center are being addressed.

Receive MyCallCloud automated alerts and:

  • Be informed if you are out of the office or just somewhere in the building
  • Be informed real-time when the system needs human attention
  • Fill the gap when dialer managers are out on vacation or unavailable
  • Act upon real-time feedback for items that are of critical importance to you and your team

If you are running a lean shop and want the peace of mind knowing your call center solution can be set up to send you alerts for when specific conditions are met, then contact us.  We can help.

Examples of Common Automated SMS / Email system alerts:

  • Alert when Inbound wait-time exceeds ______ seconds
  • Alert when a specific Disposition is selected
  • Alert when Leads in the hopper start running low
  • Alert when Wait times for agents exceed _______ seconds
  • Alert when No agents available for _______ minutes
  • Alert when _______ number of calls are waiting in the inbound queue
  • This list is only limited by your imagination…what conditions would you like to be alerted to?

We make billing easy:

  • We bill per condition and will send out unlimited alerts as the event conditions occur
  • We reduce the billing costs if a client is utilizing using multiple conditional alerts (bulk discount)

Automated Alerts are sent in near-real time so you can be proactive and help reduce any downtime for your agents and customers alike.  Contact us to consult with one of our contact center experts and learn more about our Email and SMS alert offerings.