Reporting Tools To Improve Contact Center Agent Performance

Using built-in and customized reporting and analytics, your contact center should be measuring agent performance to increase workforce optimization and enhance the customer experience.

improve contact center agent performance infographicKPIs

Benchmark against key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify individual agent performance against overall operational goals.  Easily view sales and marketing profits and learn about opportunities to grow leads and close sales quicker.

Call Quality

With call-barging and administrator listening, instantly improved quality can be achieved to properly close a sale and increase customer service levels.  However, not always are there opportunities to join a call and escalate as needed. Easily measure call center success with after-call surveys. Implement SMS messaging within the custom agent screen to instantly deliver and link to the caller’s phone for a survey.

Utilize IVR to deliver touch-tone and verbal survey responses. Adapt with ringless voicemail and No Dial to drop voicemails directly to a recipient’s inbox and receive callbacks for surveying purposes.

Call Quantity

Are agents dialing and completing calls against the goals that have been set? Is it time to limit manual dialing to properly optimize agent productivity? Monitoring call quantity is a simple way to keep an eye on agent performance and instantly pivot methods to adapt to keeping agents productive.

Learn more about how to limit manual dialing to keep agents on task and productive, here.

Close Ratio

Can your lead ratios go smaller? Are your lead lists being run through the right carriers and the best dialing software methods to ensure connection success?  My Call Cloud uses the most secure Tier 3 facilities and the MOST carriers to ensure MORE connections and higher lead close rates.  Improve sales and close lead ratios with My Call Cloud call center software technology.

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Agent Mode

Are agents available when they should be? What do built-in reporting and analytics show for agent status during peak periods? Are campaign goals being hit with agents engaged in dialing or receiving modes to accept higher call volumes?

Easily improve contact center agent performance using built-in and customized reporting and analytics tools. Properly incorporating reports into your call center operations is a simple way to identify agent optimizations, increase profit and achieve those sales and marketing goals.

Learn how to forecast contact center staffing more accurately and why this is important for seasonal and campaign call volume changes. Check out the post, here.

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