Easily Limit Manual Calling

Limiting manual calling by agents at your contact center can be integral to making sure that agents are optimized, their productivity levels remain high and sales and marketing goals are achieved.  Keeping the workforce focused and on task is a challenge that is prevalent in any office or industry and, contact center agents are no different.

Why it’s IMPORTANT to be able to limit manual calling

limiting agent manual callingHaving this feature as part of your contact center software is an important workforce control method.  Overseeing a contact center of hundreds of agents, it can be near impossible to constantly monitor the activities of many as individuals.  Limiting manual calling via presets or, adjusted as needed by contact center management and administrators can be enabled when focusing on:

  • Specific campaigns
  • Time Periods
  • Segments of contact center agents

Limit Agent Manual Dialing via Campaign

Different campaigns have different sales and marketing goals.  It may be necessary to have manual dialing enabled for queued callback scenarios or for personalized agent follow up when customers and agents have developed a rapport.  Easily preset a specific campaign to halt any agent manual dialing so that your contact center workforce can optimize time and not waste efforts on the inefficient manual calling method.

Limiting Agent Manual Calling for Specific Time Periods

Understanding your contact center workforce strengths as well as potential volume can help admins limit manual dialing predictably during time periods in a given day, month or, season.  It’s important to monitor, measure and react with in-depth reporting and analytics on agent behavior, productivity and call volume both inbound and outbound.  Knowing when to limit manual dialing so that agent time and call volume periods can be maximized is a small yet, game-changing tool for customer services and sales and marketing goals.

Easily Limit Manual Calling for Agent Segments

Some agents might need to be focused on a specific campaign that requires a different workflow from other agents in the same campaign.  Identify those agents and limit manual calling from the administrator interface.  Limiting manual calling can keep agents on task and focused when there could be a producitivty isue.  Easily overcome potential agent productivity issues by limiting manual dialing and keep agents super efficient.

How to Limit Contact Center Agent Manual Dialing

Within My Call Cloud software, administrators and management with the required security levels can easily program presets to control and limit manual calling.  The amount of agent manual calling can be handled on the fly, manually by senior operators or, uniformly controlled for the entire workforce during a specific campaign or, time period as mentioned above.

Easily optimize your contact center workforce with My Call Cloud.  As a business partner, we will monitor any opportunities for your business to amplify your sales and marketing and customer service efforts.  It’s a contact center software industry differentiator and why we’re the fastest growing provider in the market.

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