Custom agent screens are integral to optimized operations and create a path towards a better CX (customer experience).  A non-customized screen can hinder close ratios for sales.  It can also mean missed opportunities to gather important information about the caller or, call recipient.

Reasons to Customize Agent Screens

A customized agent screen can employ many tools and resources such as:

  • CRM integrations – valuable and important customer information
  • Surveys – gather information about the call, set up future success
  • Multi-channel interactions – simultaneously send an SMS text to the customer serving a variety of purposes
  • Geographical information – relates to a caller on a localized level, develop better relationships

custom agent screens my call cloud infographic

Get Better CX Results with a Customized Agent Screen

Agent Proficiency

Give agents the tools they need to succeed.  A custom agent screen integrated with a CRM can give your contact center the edge it needs to close deals faster.

CRM integration also allows for a more engaged customer and a confident agent. Agents that utilize integrated CRMs and customized caller information lower sales ratios.

Custom Campaign Surveys

Design surveys per campaign. Customize agent screens with generic surveys designed to gather new information from a caller or customer. Fill out the customer profile easier and allow for future success with new information gathered from surveys.

Increase NPS and KPIs by providing customer satisfaction surveys easily conducted over the phone or, sent via SMS before or after, disconnection.

Multi-Channel Interactions

Communicate with the customer via SMS, Chat, and Social Media during the call using customized agent desktops. Use SMS to send customer satisfaction surveys post-call, use SMS to send a customer product purchase information during a call. Simultaneously chat with a customer and involve email to deliver interactions fast, keep engagement high.

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