Soundboard implementations allow call center agents to communicate in real-time with clients by selecting from an array of pre-recorded responses.  Soundboard or soundboarding has been in use for years and is steadily gaining in popularity; it can be used to help ensure accurate message delivery for commonly stated presentations (i.e. an FDCPA mandated Mini-Miranda warning) or to allow agents with heavy accents to interact effectively with native speakers.

Implementing Soundboard technology benefits:

+ Improve productivity & reduce hang-ups by presenting a native voice

+ Effective communication tool for both inbound and outbound calls

+ Can be assigned to lower-cost agents who reside in off-shore call centers

+ Well established and proven technology – in use worldwide

+ Many call types can be managed 100% using the Soundboard

+ If needed, calls can be quickly transferred to advanced, or on-shore agents

+ FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) Compliant

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