5 Reasons to use IVR + Why it Works!

Why stop at 5 reasons to use IVR when this kind of software is such an adaptable technology that can suit the needs of almost all size businesses and their customers? Outlining the benefits of using such a system can be quite lengthy depending on your industry, business goals, contact center size and type as well as customer service or marketing and sales needs. So, with that being said, we’ll just stick with 5 major reasons to use IVR and implement the technology, with great benefits regardless of the size of your business or contact center.

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5 SIMPLE/GREAT Reasons to use IVR

  1. IVR System for Efficiency

Interactive Voice Response is a simplified technology that provides assistance to operations by streamlining efforts for both the agent and the caller/customer.  IVR can significantly improve 1st contact resolution time by providing systematic inputs and predictive responses to the caller so that the customer can be routed to the best answer and resolution either through automation or, an agent.

reasons to use IVR system

2. Control Volume

Whether your call center software needs require inbound or outbound solutions, IVR technology can support and help control volume by “vetting” callers and customers ready for the right agent to address their needs.  Project management can predict call volume for a product launch, error resolution and more.  Utilize IVR to adapt to incoming volume both expected and unexpected volumes as well as prepare an interactive voice response for directly communicating with customers before they make first contact.

Inbound Call Center Case Study Example: Executing a product launch is an exciting time for a brand. Tailor an IVR system to answer inbound questions and inquiries from interested customers to automatically order a new product, feature and provide marketing and sales information.

ivr contact center software3. Collect Valuable Customer Information  + Understand Intent

Survey your customers for information.  That sounds simple but, the possibilities are endless.  Use IVR as an identifier, begin inbound calls with a simple questionnaire to understand calling intent and survey customers to provide profile building information to allow for greater customization and personalization in the future.

Inbound/Outbound Call Center Case Study Example: Use an inbound call as an opportunity to enhance a customer’s profile to deliver a better experience in the future. Easily survey call recipients as part of outbound call center communications with IVR software that’s programmed via touch, text or speech, to gather valuable buying intention information.

4. Prioritize Calls

Prioritize calls, customers, inquiry type, location and more using IVR technology.  Deliver awesome customer experiences by giving priority to your desired sub-set of rules and route callers automatically to the right agent the first time, every time.

Inbound Call Center Case Study Example: Prioritize the IVR system to recognize a high value customer and deliver the best experience as well as streamline the call to the right agent for highest success rate.

5. Personalization

Target customers based on input or CRM and background data.  Use the adaptable IVR to pinpoint s customer’s needs on a case-by-case basis.  Implement triggers and rules layered with a customer’s profile and give an experience that offers ultimate personalization and provides the customer with a sense of security interacting with an automated voice that provides responses for that unique customer circumstance.

Inbound Call Center Case Study Example: Interact with the caller using a series of profile specific questions and touch or speech responses.  Quickly identify that customer and offer IVR suggestions that are relevant to that customer only, providing personalization that makes the customer feel comfortable and confident in the brand interaction.

Why use IVR call center software infographic

IVR contact center software and interactive voice response for small to large businesses can foster excellent customer experiences and streamline operations reducing overhead and associated costs.  Using an IVR technology can change the way your call center approaches sales and marketing goals.  An IVR system can enhance customer service experiences for both and agent and the customer.  Learn how a cost efficient technology like IVR can work for your business, drop us a line 888 663 0760 or email us sales@mycallcloud.com.

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