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3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Call Center Software

3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Call Center Software The modern call center of today requires a robust software solution to meet the demanding needs of clients. Whether it’s inbound, outbound, or some mix of the two, every call center relies on some form [...]

AI not for the calls, but for the system

By now, most people in the call center software space have heard of machine learning or Artificial Intelligence. And possibly how to apply it to the call center.  Whether applied within the phone calls or the call center software there is real value to AI. However, the overuse or [...]

Multi-Channel Solutions

Maybe you would like an automated solution to send out email notices after the __x#__ attempt, or to start using SMS messages with a segment of your contacts. You may have been thinking about getting new Toll Free numbers and start publishing them to drive more inbound calls to [...]

19 Client Solutions during 2020

This pandemic has impacted companies across the globe, but during this pandemic, the power of technology has also played a key role to help save, maintain, and in some cases to grow businesses. There can be pending transactions, new products to offer, or simply reaching out to [...]

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Ideally, Business Continuity Plans are created in advance of disrupting events, but as we are seeing, a global pandemic does not pause to allow this luxury. Businesses that are able to adapt to change will be better suited to provide services and to weather the [...]

Remote working – home based call center

Does your staff need a quality client communication platform while working from home? MyCallCloud can help your team increase productivity. Get the word out to your clients/prospects while your Work From Home (WFH) staff all use your Caller-ID.  Keep your people safe at home and working productively. [...]

Work From Home Agents

Remote Working - Work From Home Enable your team to Work from home! We have the technology to make that work efficient and productive! We can help you remain in contact with your staff, clients, and prospects.  Here at My Call Cloud we enable and [...]

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3 Ingredients for call center success, Training Support and Consulting

With the various approaches to call center management and software that exist, it can be hard to know which one is right for you, not to mention what kind of support you need to really make it work for your business. You may also have experienced a [...]

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The #1 Most Common Complaint from Call Center Managers

1. Define your ideal employee based on competencies (e.g. the Lominger competency library) and hire well on the front-end. You’re not looking to just put “butts in seats”; you want to select the ideal behavioral traits, hire those who fit that profile, and then partner with that [...]

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4 Reasons Why Connection Rate Matters For Call Centers

4 Reasons Why Connection Rate Matters For Call Centers In the call center of today, performance metrics come in all shapes and sizes. It seems like there is a measurement for everything: Call Agent productivity, system uptime, call volume, close rate, sales per hour, talk [...]

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