Phone Number Validation

Phone list cleaning and phone number validation are important for call centers when communicating to customers for understanding the best methods of reaching and contacting individuals and segments of groups.  Maintaining compliance is also a vital element of call centers.  Cell phone verification happens instantaneously when using No Dial™ ringless voicemail software in My Call Cloud interface.  Through real-time reporting, call centers can immediately “scrub” phone lists for cell phone or landline status when using No Dial™ and ringless voicemail drops.  It’s an added benefit and ancillary value provided using ringless voicemail drop software with My Call Cloud – read more here.

Phone List Validation

Segment your call center software outreach campaigns and customer lists with our software by understanding the phone line type and carrier, scrubbed against DNC lists, and cell phone versus a landline.  My Call Cloud has technology built-in for phone number validation so that your contact center can and lists are TCPA compliant.  Get a demo.

My Call Cloud contact center software enables within SECONDS:phone number validation

  • Cell Phone or, Landline
  • Standard Line Type and Carrier
  • Advanced Line Type and Carrier
  • Reachable Phone Number (Check if a number is Active and on the DNC list)

Quantify your findings with CUSTOMIZED REPORTING, real-time reporting, and detailed reporting designed specifically for phone list validation and cell phone scrubbing.  Reporting options are built-in to No Dial™ ringless voicemail, and can also be customized for your call center industry needs and phone list verification intentions.

Why Complete Cell Phone Verification/Phone Number Validation?

  1. Don’t risk compliance with a compromised cell phone or landline number
  2. Checklist reliability
  3. Understand customer response rates – high or low due to phone number type
  4. QUICKLY analyze numbers with real-time reporting and PIVOT campaign strategies with new data
  5. Agents spend wasted time on lists that aren’t properly “cleaned” or “scrubbed” and don’t get campaign results

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