Getting the Most out of Contact Center Consulting Services

In just 2 (free) hours of customized consulting, your contact center can understand opportunities for efficiency and fill gaps to maximize productivity. My Call Cloud has more than four decades of contact center and software experience and our professionals are ready to help your call center and agents get the most out of our reliable, customizable software.  Understanding your lead lists and the best uses of our customizable interface to better serve customers, should be at the top of any contact center operation to-do list.

Contact Center Consulting – Goals

1. Greater Efficiency


2. Maximized Agent Productivity

All call center administrators want to achieve those two items, seems simple, but let’s take a deeper dive into those two goals.  Both of those are quite broad, so we’ll discuss specific instances within those themes so you can set realistic expectations for your contact center consulting services.

free contact center consulting infographicGreater LEAD Efficiency

All lead lists are not created equal.  Nor are lead lists run through differing contact center software made equal.  My Call Cloud consulting services can help you close your lead ratios in just a 2-hour window of free contact center consulting.  Using our detailed reporting and analytics tools that can be customized to your specific call center industry type, we’re able to look at methods and calling/dialing techniques your contact center is using in order to get more leads to connect and more leads to convert.

Connect and Convert MORE Leads with My Call Cloud 

Maximized Agent Productivity

Our contact center team of experts will consult with your admin and management team 1-on-1 to discuss any opportunities your agent teams might have open to increase customer time, productivity and best practices.  Is your contact center using best practices or, known methods to limit manual dialing?  Perhaps a customized dynamic agent desktop is the solution for agents and even a custom campaign layout to see smoother workflows and better client interactions.

Our team doesn’t need to be on site to understand where your contact center could be facing challenges.  Through our detailed analytics, we can analyze agents real-time data, historical call information and provide guidance on team adjustments and any software tweaks that could be made.

Take advantage of our 2 FREE hours of contact center consulting offered to any new with 5 or more seats.  Our industry-specific and years of experience can give you the outside-in perspective your contact center needs to close lead ratios and see higher agent engagement.  Give us a call today!

When contact centers are looking to improve operational efficiency, maximizing agents, their skills and more, turn to My Call Cloud for expert guidance on meeting and exceeding your goals. Using a call center software company that empowers business partners to think strategically and use innovative technology, will change the way your contact center does business.  Learn how My Call Cloud can work for your call center or business today, drop us a line 888 663 0760 or email us

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