Smarter call routing strategies can change your contact center sales and marketing forecasting, increase repeat buyers and develop better customer relationships that foster repeat business. Call center call routing can empower your contact center to make smarter strategic moves when working with inbound and outbound calling. Enabling just four of the best, proven contact center call routing strategies, can significantly improve agent productivity and boost sales and customer service.

The 4 TOP Call Center Call Routing Strategies

call center software routing infographic1. IVR

Interactive Voice Response technology is a great way to efficiently handle customers to understand intent and needs so that the call can be routed to the right agent.  Identify the caller via preset rules and route the call based on customer input or, identifying caller information pulled from CRM integration.

Completely satisfy a customer call without ever routing to an agent – that’s effective IVR technology.  Give the customer the power to choose to interact with the IVR or, move directly to an agent.  Options like these can deliver exceptional customer experiences, that drive brand loyalty, company integrity, stronger customer relationships, and increases the likelihood of a repeat buyer and repeat business.

Using virtual queueing, IVR interacts with the customer via touch-tone phone or voice and gives the customer the choice to place on virtual hold or queue callback. Learn about the great benefits of virtual hold with queue callback here.

2. Skills-based

Route the caller to the right agent, every time.  Paired with IVR and CRM data, identifying the caller and routing to an agent with matching skills to best deliver the customer’s needs, makes for a better customer service experience.  A better customer experience leads to brand loyalty, repeat business, and higher sales. Learn more about CRM integrations to effectively use call routing strategies, here.

3. Customer Driven

Value-based call center routing strategies enable agents and call center software systems to identify high profile customers. Customer-driven call routing uses that information to offer discounts or, suggestions based on previous purchases or, customer profiles, and historical data.

Pulling from customer-driven data and customer history can deliver a better sales interaction and faster close ratios, amplifying sales goals.

4. Call Center Routing

Using factors such as call center location, customer location, agent availability, call volume, and more operation-specific rules, customers can be delivered to the appropriate contact center to receive faster service and a more personalized experience.

Enabling these top four call routing strategies can foster excellent customer experiences and streamline sales and marketing goals.  Using a call center software company that empowers business partners to think strategically and use innovative technology, will change the way your contact center does business.  Learn how My Call Cloud can work for your call center or business today, drop us a line at 888 663 0760 or email us at

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