Preview Dialer Benefits

Adding the preview dialer software to your contact center has many benefits.  Save valuable operational and agent time, make better, more meaningful connections with customers, and give staff the resources they need to close sales and grow marketing efforts.

Top Benefits of Automatic Phone Call Software – Preview Dialer

4 benefits of preview dialer software infographic1. Save VALUABLE Time.

Not just operational time but, agent time and customer time. Respecting a customer’s time by correctly executing the call with the best possible information available to the agent reduces call time and delivers better experiences as well as optimizes the chances of closed sales, increased donations, and collections, etc..

What is a Preview Dialer?

Preview dialing is a type of automatic calling campaign that presents the next record to be dialed to an agent, so they can preview the customer information so the agent can be prepared for speaking with the consumer.  This preview information helps the agent to understand the customer history, the intent of the call to be placed, and to better plan their approach.  This enables the agent to make a targeted professional approach and improve overall close ratios.

2. Immediate Connections

Engage agents only when a live human has answered the call with NO DELAY, allowing agents to optimize their time during dialing, and INSTANTLY engage a call recipient when the call is connected. No awkward silence at the beginning of the call that consumers have come to identify as “definitely an automated-service calling.” When consumers answer the call the agent is ready and waiting so there is not even a second of silence, that can lead to a call recipient to abandon the call. Engage right away with instant call connections.

3. Better Info = Higher Conversion Rate

Preview detailed customer information relevant to close sales faster. Understand the customer and buying habits, previous conversations, and possible roadblocks to avoid when making a marketing, collections, charitable donation, or sales call. Close that client better with preview information accessible to agents before getting on the call. Allow agents time between calls to make meaningful introductions and connections to the customer with real-time client screen pop information, making more meaningful customer connections and increasing conversion rates.  Increased conversion rates mean higher sales and the increased collection closes.  Drive your contact center sales and marketing efforts with a powerful preview dialer.

4. Avoid Dropped Calls

Avoid the awkward “lag time” between connections that can often indicate to customers that the call was automated.  Though there is nothing wrong with an automated dialer system, customers often link it to unwanted robocalls versus a customer account inquiry or, general account health check-in that could prove to be very valuable to the call recipient. Avoid dropped calls and wasting agent time holding on to a call that doesn’t connect or ditches too early. Using the preview dialer gives agents the resources to view customer information, instantly make that connection and lower dropped call rates.  Lower contact center dropped calls improve overall operational efficiency and grow industry-leading NPS scores.

Improve the customer experience with a contact center preview dialer software system.  Using a call center software company that empowers business partners to think strategically and use innovative technology, will change the way your contact center does business.  Learn how My Call Cloud can work for your call center or business today, drop us a line 888 663 0760 or email us

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