An auto-dialer is a software-driven system that manages the dialing of telephone numbers. After each phone number is dialed, the automatic dialer identifies and manages the next steps. If a person answers, the call is automatically routed to a call center agent, or the call can be sent to an automated message. If the call result is a busy signal, no answer, or a message (i.e. Disconnected Number) the Dialer notates the result, disconnects the call, and then dials the next assigned number. Call Centers have relied on autodialers for decades to help improve their outbound calling efforts.

Basic MCC Auto-Dialer Graphic

Sophisticated dialers provide multiple dialing options. Predictive dialing involves analyzing real-time data to predict the optimal time to start dialing the next call. In Power dialing mode, the auto-dialer calls on a set number of lines when agents indicate they are ready to receive their next call. Preview dialing allows a call center agent to pre-review the client record and when ready, they can simply click a button to have the autodialer call the specified number.

Auto-dialers can also be set up to play pre-recorded messages to people and/or answering machines; this is commonly referred to as voice broadcasting, IVR blasting. Broadcasting voice messages is common for political campaigns, school districts, and private companies in order to directly communicate with a large number of people in a short amount of time. Automated IVR (interactive voice response) calling can be used to conduct survey polls, to confirm appointments/deliveries, to deliver reminders, or to prompt people for callbacks. IVR broadcasting can also be set-up to seamlessly route the call to a call-center agent once a consumer has pressed a button on their phone’s keypad.

Auto-dialer technology can be dated as far back as 1942. Today, autodialers are mission-critical to businesses around the globe. Here at MyCallCloud, our hosted dialer has sophisticated features, is easy to use, cost-effective, powerful, and reliable.  To learn more about auto-dialing and its benefits, call us (1-888-663-0760, option #1), or take a test drive and put some of your agents on our free trial system today.