Decrease Caller Wait Times & Increase Customer Satisfaction

Use these same-day setup resources to decrease inbound contact center wait times and improve overall customer satisfaction. When inbound call volumes are eased and customers are given options to avoid long wait times, agent productivity also benefits. Implementing these add-on features that can easily be adjusted by admins are just a few examples of how simple it can be to improve customer satisfaction proportionate to operational efficiency!

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How To Decrease Inbound Contact Center Wait Times

decrease inbound wait times contact center software infographicUse Agent Skills-Based Routing

Identifying your contact center’s strongest agents at closing sales, delivering fast solutions and even skills that include languages and customer rapport are all skills that can be used to decrease caller wait times.  Pre-match a caller using historical data or, input information and instantly route the customer to the right agent every time.

Route an inbound caller who has a language preference to the agent proficient in that language = increase customer satisfaction and decreased wait times!

Enable Virtual Waiting

Queue callback or, virtual waiting gives the caller the power to choose a time that suits them best for a callback rather than waiting on hold.  Instantly carve off all those waiting inbound callers by allowing them to choose if they want to be called back and when!


Provide automated solutions using IVR or, quickly route a customer using their input data to an agent that best suits their needs.  IVR can free up agent time and allow agents to get to alls faster while inbound callers input information to provide a solution or, better routing.

Priority Callers + VIP Routing

Your contact center could be experiencing a high volume of calls based on a product launch, or an influx of complaints due to the time of year and service.  Deliver great experiences and improve customer satisfaction by filtering out priority and VIP callers based on value or, historical customer data.  Identify the customer using calling information linked to the CRM and push them through the inbound queue to an agent, faster.  Use pre-set rules to link an agent with a customer who presents a higher value than the larger pool of inbound callers.  Close those sales faster and at a higher value, more often with priority routing.

Enabling any of these four inbound contact center strategies can be done same-day with My Call Cloud software. Admins can easily manipulate rules and toggle these settings depending on agent availability or, expected volume.  Easily decrease inbound contact center wait times while also improving customer satisfaction by resolving issues and providing excellent customer service every time with these proven inbound strategies!

Improving customer satisfaction alongside inbound customer wait times. Using a call center software company that empowers business partners to think strategically and use innovative technology, will change the way your contact center does business.  Learn how My Call Cloud can work for your call center or business today, drop us a line at 888 663 0760 or email us at

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