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This pandemic has impacted companies across the globe, but during this pandemic, the power of technology has also played a key role to help save, maintain, and in some cases to grow businesses. There can be pending transactions, new products to offer, or simply reaching out to the clients so they would know that you are there for them. Whether the clients are new or existing – you need to touch base. 

The solution – My Call Cloud, a call center solution built by experts with more than 60 years of combined experience.

  1. Call Center Agent Optimization

At this trying time, the first company to touch base gets ahead of the game. But how will you call hundreds or thousands of leads daily? My Call Cloud’s Automated Dialer Software utilizes powerful telephony. It allows you to dial many numbers simultaneously or quickly dial leads one at a time. When a lead answers, your agent can engage.   

  1. Integrated Artificial Intelligence

Sounds complex, but My Call Cloud makes it easy. AI Integration can improve customer experience, agent productivity, and operational efficiency. My Call Cloud can do this for you.

  1. No Dial – Ringless Voicemail

Because response rates are not great with traditional voicemail drops, now you will be able to send a message directly to your customer’s cell phone voicemail box.  We are that innovative and competent.  We can also help make your messages personal by dynamically reading the consumer’s name (within the message). We foresee what our clients need, and we deliver. 

  1. Leads to Sales

Don’t waste money with just lead generation. Invest in sales conversions. My Call Cloud has holistic products and services, from training to technology. Grow your sales and make your business more lucrative. Place your full sales pitch or customer service scripting, rebuttals at your agent’s fingertips, provide one-button warm transfers for closes, and ‘call my supervisor for help’ button.

  1. CRM Integration

When you have taken care of your clients, concerns do not stop there. You need to follow-up, check-in, and nurture your clients. Cloud API Integration can seamlessly incorporate your contact center and CRM. You can create rules for how and whom to follow-up with your clients.  You can rely on the data in your CRM knowing the results from My Call Cloud are already there and can easily analyze your data and produce actionable solutions.

  1. Customer Support

Questions and worries arose as the ”new normal” started. Is there any moratorium during this pandemic? Who will I call for our previous transactions? You have to be there to answer your clients’ concerns. Inbound Call Center Operations are optimized by My Call Cloud so your team members can efficiently manage inbound calls with advanced IVR logic, ACD Queuing, Agent-skill Based Routing, intelligent screen-pops for agents, and Queuing Rollover for call forwarding and Voicemail to Email for responsive management of your clients.

  1. Boost productivity. Boost Sales.

My Call Cloud Blended Contact Center Software Technologies can be configured to meet your needs and requirements. You can rely on our cloud-based tech solutions to deliver on your goals. Talk to us about how to reduce agent idle time, create streamlined processes for your contact requirements, and creating automated multi-contact funnels for awesome customer interactions.

  1. Analytics – Meet your KPI

What works? What doesn’t? My Call Cloud provides real-time reporting and customized reports catering to your business needs. Analyze now and meet your KPIs across the board. 

19 Client Solutions during 2020

  1. New training for the “new normal”

We provide one on one and small group training. We do it per organization. We do it per work role. Training is systematic, professional, and done by a team of experts – My Call Cloud Contact Center Software Training hones your skills and lays out the best practices. It is always available to you team. We are nimble, responsive, and empower your team for the future. Your customers will be impressed.

  1. 24/7 Technical Help

You also need help to manage your system. This is critical to your business. My Call Cloud’s dedicated experts can help you identify issues, evaluate current activities, and solve technical problems – making your communication channels seamless.

  1. Consulting

During pandemic 2020, we are here to talk with you. What can we do for your business? What are your particular needs for your clients? Consultation is the key to making quality long and short-term decisions. We have a broad range of call center operations experience and we are here to share consulting insights at each step of your journey.

  1. Right Pricing when Investing

Practicality at its best.  Choose among packages that suit your business and organization.  If you prefer, we can provide customized quotes based on your needs. We make billing easy to budget with predictable all-inclusive monthly pricing.

  1. Team NERD

Innovation. Thinking ahead. We live and breathe Technology and intelligent solutions. We are a team of Nerds where technical jargon is what we use over lunch, where inbound and outbound call management planning is our yoga, and where software technologies are what we dream on. We love intelligent improvements. It is what will make your clients love you back, too.

  1. Give your clients 60 + years of experience

My Call Cloud has more than 60 years of combined experience. Count on us to help advise you when you need it. Give your clients what they deserve: a multi-channel tech platform that is proven and trusted.

  1. Reliability

Your leads don’t just need a voice to hear. They need concrete answers. Equip your business with the right call center. Easy to reach. Scaleable. Readily reliable. My Call Cloud.

  1. Responsiveness 

Receive and manage you client’s inbound inquiries and concerns without delay. During this pandemic, make sure to be there for your client.  The more you speak with them, the more that you can gain their trust. 

  1. Re-start

We can give you the tools and solutions to smoothly realign and Re-start. If you need new, more robust, or higher quality solutions, call upon our team to help you overcome obstacles and help guide you through each step of your Start-up or Re-start.

  1. Revitalize 

Give your business an added boost by engaging with your leads on multiple communication channels (Toll Free inbound, outbound agent calling, IVR, SMS, email, No-Dial ring-less voicemail and more). Revitalize your communications at this trying time by maximizing the advantages of MyCallCloud’s software technology solution suite.

  1. Return of Investment     

When you invest in My Call Cloud, you gain a partner in business that cares and manages the difficult Nerd stuff. Reach current & prospective clients more efficiently and effectively. Be more productive. Your clients will notice the difference.

For a demo and pricing packages, please call  888-663-0760 or book a demo today.

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    My Call Cloud Call Center Software Solutions

    voip phone system

    VoIP Phone System

    Control and update your cloud-based phone system in real-time from any Internet-enabled device, enjoy a robust feature set with VoIP softphone dialer system. Organize your call center business communication better.

    no dial ringless voicemail drops outbound call center software

    No Dial™ Ringless Voicemail

    Deliver non-intrusive calls to customers and experience up to 50% open rates and 30%+ call back rates with My Call Cloud No Dial™ and ringless voicemail.

    Contact Center Software Free Pricing Quote

    Call Center Software Dialer Pricing

    Get a customized quote for your specific call center industry needs.  Multiple agents or, small business, My Call Cloud offers simplified dialer solutions to fit every need.

    My Call Cloud call center Reporting and Analytics

    Reporting & Analytics

    Make precise decisions for your call center sales goals, customer service benchmarks and more based on detailed in-depth reporting and analytics with My Call Cloud technology at your fingertips.