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3 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Choosing Call Center Software

The modern call center of today requires a robust software solution to meet the demanding needs of clients. Whether it’s inbound, outbound, or some mix of the two, every call center relies on some form of human/telephony interface, sometimes termed IVR, CTI, or call handling software. 

As call volumes increase along with the sophistication of software capabilities, call center operators are always looking for the latest and greatest in call center software solutions. Just doing a quick Google search reveals hundreds of software solutions tailored specifically to the call center market. That’s a lot to choose from, and there are many ways that a potential software ‘winner’ can end up being a big-time loser. 

Don’t Do These Three Things

In this article, the nerds at MyCallCloud.com are teaming up to share with you information related to the three most common pitfalls to avoid in the call center software decision-making process. 

Pitfall #1: Relying on stand-alone software installations.

The term “Software as a Service”, or SaaS, is thrown around a lot these days. It’s become a buzzword for any software solution that is delivered not as an isolated installation, but as a managed service that removes from the buyer any responsibility related to software updates, patch fixes, or scheduled upgrades. 

Twenty years ago, call centers relied almost solely on stand-alone software installations that required an on-site computer to host the call center software. This computer could experience glitches, bugs, and associated downtime without any warning, often resulting in call agents sitting around being paid to wait while the host computer was rebooted and operations could resume. 

Thankfully, the advent of the internet has made it so that complicated, multi-functional software can run on a computer that isn’t located on-site at the call center. This form of distributed computing—often referred to as Cloud Computing—completely removes any operational liability from the software buyer. 

Because cloud-based software is managed and maintained at a secure, dedicated off-site location, downtime is minimized and productivity is optimized. 

Pitfall #2: Not integrating call center software with existing CRM software. 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is ubiquitous. It’s everywhere. Any business worth its salt is using a CRM to track and manage customer relationships, so it’s no wonder call centers have adopted CRMs as part of an overall service strategy. CRMs keep call agents accountable, manage progress against set Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and can provide forecasting reports for sales managers to use for decision-making purposes.

The pitfall to avoid is not integrating an existing CRM solution with whatever call center software is chosen. It might be attractive to think of the IVR or CTI software as wholly separate from the CRM—because after all, these software solutions do different things. However, not integrating them to form a seamless business tool is a big mistake. 

At MyCallCloud.com, integration of our call center software with an established CRM is part-and-parcel of the overall value of the MyCallCloud product. We know exactly how to evaluate an existing CRM situation and develop a cloud-based call center software solution that works beautifully with whatever CRM is in place at the time, be it Salesforce.com, SAP, or something else entirely. 

Pitfall #3: Getting caught up in the call center software bells and whistles without considering ease of use. 

There are hundreds of clever, useful features of modern call center software. Some of the capabilities of modern call center software solutions are truly impressive. But, even the most tricked-out software solution with all of the enhancements that modern technology can provide can result in disaster if it’s difficult for call agents to use. 

A common pitfall for call center software buyers is getting wrapped up in all of the snazzy features of the software while missing the point of keeping the solution easy to use for call agents. At MyCallCloud.com, we realize that a call center software solution is only going to be effective if it’s intuitive in its use and can be learned quickly by someone who has never seen it before. 

To address this pitfall, we go out of our way to make system setup and call agent training a priority. User interface design, theming, and common sense integration with other systems are just a few of the areas of expertise that set MyCallCloud.com apart from the competition. 

At MyCallCloud.com, There’s More to Love

If you’re shopping for easy to use, effective, scalable call center software, be sure you don’t make the same mistakes that many of your peers make every day. Choose call center software that is securely hosted, 100% integrate-able with your existing data processing systems, and intuitive for call agents. 

Falling into any of the three traps listed here can make for an expensive lesson in call center software purchasing. Learn from the mistakes of others.

If you have any questions about how MyCallCloud.com uses the power of cloud computing to develop customized, state-of-the-art call center software solutions, contact us today. Our team of call center software nerds are at the ready, eager to help you avoid these pitfalls. 

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