4 Tools That Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR)

Service and quality scores can be maximized when contact centers improve first contact resolution times.  First contact resolution (FCR) is a measurable goal that builds customer confidence, brand loyalty, repeat buying and, grows sales.  Implementing four easily integrated software solutions in the contact center can optimize call center FCR and deliver repeatable, awesome customer service experiences.

Optimize First Contact Resolution Times (FCR)

IVR1. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

An IVR system is easily deployed and should be utilized for both inbound customer service and outbound contact center solutions.  Using an IVR phone system to screen calls and strategically ask questions that identify the caller and their intention can lead to routing that caller to the right agent with critical information about the call.

Combining the information generated through the IVR (intention and screening) the right agent is now, best equipped to answer and resolve that customer inbound inquiry.  Quickly resolving an inbound customer service call will build consumer confidence and lead to more sales and better retention rates.

skills based routing contact center software2. Skills-Based Routing

Route inbound callers to the right agent, every time with skills-based routing strategies and techniques.  Identify the caller with integrated CRM information and based on a preset algorithm or rule, route that caller to the preferred agent.

The agent who is best equipped to deal with the inbound customer inquiry determined by the skills-based routing rule should be able to resolve any issues or, questions sooner.  Routing callers to the right agent based on agent skills is a proven way to improve first contact resolution for contact centers.

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optimize first contact resolution times3. Screen Pop Software

Contact center software integrated with CRM information can be enabled to “screen pop” caller information directly to the agent desktop, before and during a call.  Custom screen pops allow agents to easily and quickly access customer information pertinent to the call and reference historical data as well as real-time information, depending on the customization. Optimize agent time and first contact resolution by wasting no time getting agents the right caller information with zero time spent dialing and looking up customer information.

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queue callback infographic4. Queued Callback or, Virtual Queuing

When callers have the power to choose whether they wait for an agent or, can be given a call back at a time most convenient for them, contact center operations avoid unnecessary wait times and frustrated customers.  When call volume is high and customers are presented with wait times, the opportunity for callers to have a negative experience just due to waiting longer than usual is high.

Avoid negative experiences and improved FCR with queue callback.  Placing callers on virtual hold and in a virtual queue enables the agent to locate customer information and call them back armed with the right resources and tools ready to resolve any issues or escalate any sales.

**Improve sales close rates, customer retention, and first contact resolution when customers avoid high wait times.**

Optimize first contact resolution times with these four winning strategies, IVR, Skills-Based Routing, Custom Screen Pops and Queued Callback. When your operations have begun to use these tactics, don’t forget to measure your success rates and NPS scores, a statistic such as these provide valuable benchmarks and can be valuable to promote.  Understanding where your benchmarks are leads to recalibration for better results and, modification to sustain high scores.

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Contact centers need software that can foster excellent customer experiences and streamline sales and marketing goals.  Implementing a careful strategy to improve first contact resolution times can guarantee better customer service experiences and quality benchmarks are met Using a call center software company that empowers business partners to think strategically and use innovative technology, will change the way your contact center does business.  Learn how My Call Cloud can work for your call center or business today, drop us a line 888 663 0760 or email us sales@mycallcloud.com.

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