Agent Productivity and Workforce Optimization

Agent Productivity and Workforce Optimization

Agent engagement is a big deal in the world of call center performance metrics. Many call center managers struggle to keep their call agents performing in a way that optimizes their call processing volume. This has historically required the use of multiple agent tracking systems simply to arrive at actionable performance data. 

Here’s an example of how a typical outbound call center agent might process a call using an older, outdated call management system:

  1. The Call Agent manually dials the phone number onto a keypad, using a hard line phone connection managed by their PBX. This step is prone to agent error every time a call is placed. 
  2. The call is connected according to the reliability of whatever carrier the call center is relying on to place the call. This reliability can vary widely, resulting in multiple dropped, not connected due to toll ceilings or disconnected calls. 
  3. The conversation between the Call Agent and the Respondent / Prospect occurs. This may or may not be recorded by whatever call management system is in place. 
  4. The Call Agent manually terminates the call, makes call notes into a CRM, queues for the next call, and waits for the software system to process everything. 

Now, consider how much better this entire workflow proceeds with the use of a cloud-connected call center software solution like MyCallCloud: 

  1. The Call Agent is immediately connected with the Prospect or Respondent by the software system, which has already dialed, connected, and patched the call through to the agent without any action required on the agents part. 
  2. The conversation between the Call Agent and the Respondent takes place, is recorded, and a log of all activity is automatically generated within the calling system, including call information. 
  3. Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) are instantly updated to deliver Call Agent performance metrics directly to the Operations Manager or other call center operations stakeholders. 
  4. A full suite of reports provides the information to run the business in an effective way, monitoring, talk time, wrap time, dead time, real-time sale count, and ultimately tracking SPH

This enhanced call processing workflow wouldn’t be possible without the use of state-of-the-art, cloud-connected software like MyCallCloud. Call Agent productivity can now be optimized in a way that gives managers more insight into how and where Call Agents are spending their time, opening up a trove of new opportunities for ongoing training and development within the call center. 

One Solution, Multiple Benefits

As you can see, virtually every aspect of call center operations is improved through the smart use of cloud-connected software that is specifically developed for the call center environment. 

At MyCallCloud, we’ve made it our mission to provide elegant, affordable, customized, and effective cloud-based software solutions that simply make call centers better at what they do. From improved uptime and advanced call processing features to intuitive interfaces and ongoing system support from proven professionals, MyCallCloud makes call center management easier, more transparent, and less challenging. 

To learn more about how we can put the power of cloud-connected software to work for your organization, contact us today. 

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