By now, most people in the call center software space have heard of machine learning or Artificial Intelligence. And possibly how to apply it to the call center.  Whether applied within the phone calls or the call center software there is real value to AI. However, the overuse or misuse of AI, in my forward-looking opinion, will hurt customer service satisfaction. As a result, customer service ratings will not improve, if not go down drastically. Human resource costs reduction may only be a short term gain. Replacing human call center reps with artificial intelligence will ultimately hurt the call center in the long run. Add some AI to help, answer the simple questions, screen out the junk, and get better quality calls to your human reps.

As a result of AI misuse, additional costs associated with customer acquisition and customer retention will likely increase. Cost models for lead generation and other marketing activities will increase. Overusing AI tech will simply be reallocating the human labor cost savings to a technical spend and possibly a higher overall opportunity cost.

Call centers that believe that AI will replace the call center rep element will spend money on this new tech. Resulting in missed targets when it comes to customer service targets and sales opportunities.  If using AI in the center, should not be utilized on the communication channels alone, if not at all.  AI SHOULD be used within the call center software technology platform for calling and time strategies. 

Allow the system to learn the patterns. Tracking the contact patterns found, provide the relevant data to the business managers to make better decisions withing the contact center. Now making adjustments to human resources, system settings, and assigned tasks can now be a comfortable easy decision. AI for your contact center software provider is going to be essential in minimizing costs and maximizing return. When the gathered data is being presented in a readable way, technology and human resources are allocated based on that data.

When business management starts to see the patterns have identified then allow the call center software AI tweak changes to call lists, manage contact ratios, and best times to call. Manage call center software with data analytics, not feelings. Take the next step…Set automation to take the data from the machine learning feedback and make the next technology decision. With some oversight, this is where AI will make the biggest impact on your contact center and call center software.

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Noah Seis

Founder CEO

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