Call Center Software

Unwanted Robo-calls

Our days are continually interrupted by unwanted fraudulent Robo-calls. We are not immune. And it’s hard not to feel irritated with interruptions caused by unsolicited automated calls. Not surprising, the US The Senate voted to approve an anti-robocalling bill to help with fraudulent Robo-callers by a 97-1 vote.

For MyCallCloud and our call center software, we are empowered by this ruling. And hopefully after a bit of time, we will start to see the deceitful call center operations fall off and not be such a nuisance.

What are the alternatives and different techniques to attempt and get the general population to pick up the phone and or listen to their messages? Simply presenting a REAL caller-ID that is local to the phone number. People are more likely to pick up the phone. Ringless Voicemail can deliver voicemail to cell phones. A good outbound call contact strategy. Further, consider times of day, the number of attempts, answering machine detection (turned off) and all in consideration of “The Law of Diminishing Returns”. And make sure you have a strategy to receive and pitch your offer to inbound callbacks, this is a key strategy to cover along with outbound efforts.

We are dialer guys and we too get interrupted daily by unwanted messages/calls. Automated systems can be powerful right-use tools, or they can cause a can of worms. How they are programmed and managed makes them hated or valuable resources externally and internally.