Why Cloud Connectivity Matters in the Call Center

Call center technology has advanced at an alarmingly fast pace in recent years. 

Those who are responsible for managing the operations of call centers now have a variety of technology-based tools available to them—tools that didn’t even exist just a decade ago. 

Among these tools, cloud-connected call center software has become the industry standard for smoother, more reliable call center operations. In this article, we’re explaining why cloud connectivity in particular has grown to become such an indispensable feature of any call center software on the market today. 

The Always-Connected Status of Today’s Telephony

The internet has made it so that computers can talk to each other in real-time literally around the clock and throughout the year, with virtually no interruptions. This enhanced ability to communicate extends to humans, too. 

With the advent of Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VoIP), placing or receiving calls from person to person is now capable of being managed solely by the internet. 

This use of modern technology has profound implications for call centers. It’s a contributing factor to why MyCallCloud’s Tier-3 facility hosting partner Fortrust (now Iron Mountain) sets the benchmark for uptime statistics at call centers. 

With cloud connectivity as a feature of the software used by outbound call centers, omnichannel contact centers, or other telephony-based communications hubs, system uptime is now measured in thousandths of a percent. 

The Burden of Stand-Alone Software

Software-as-a-Service isn’t necessarily new. Companies like Salesforce.com and SAP have been providing SaaS solutions for more than thirty years. However, it’s taken this long for call center technology to catch up with the advancements that have been seen in other industries like industrial automation and distributed computing. 

Utilizing cloud-connected call center software like MyCallCloud, call centers enjoy a host of enhancements that go beyond uptime. Many of the benefits realized by implementing a smart, strategically developed call center software solution include: 

  • Easier, faster scalability. Older, clunkier call center software titles might have done one or two things very well ten or so years ago. But, times have changed, and to effectively grow and scale a call center, cloud connectivity is now a necessity.
    • Seamless, hassle-free CRM integration. Being cloud-connected means the entire call center operational platform is able to communicate in real-time with other cloud-based systems like CRMs, ERPs, or other data analysis, visualization, or reporting tools. In most cases, complete software integration takes mere hours, not weeks or months.
  • More attractive pricing, lowering operational costs. Every call center manager on the planet is concerned with keeping overhead low. When a call center is taking advantage of a cloud-connected software solution, daily operational costs are significantly reduced thanks to the elimination of licensing and upgrade fees.
  • Obsolescence protection. One of the most valuable features of cloud-connected call center software is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the system isn’t going to become obsolete. Ongoing system enhancements added features, and customizable configurations are all easily executed quickly, so that your call center stays ahead of the game, not behind it. 

The benefits of switching to a cloud-based call center software solution don’t stop there. In comparison with legacy, stand-alone systems, the cloud-connected call center software solution stands out as the only trustworthy, reliable, and feature-rich fix for the challenges faced by call center managers throughout the world.

If you have any questions about how MyCallCloud.com uses the power of cloud computing to develop customized, state-of-the-art call center software solutions, contact us today. Our team of call center software nerds are at the ready, eager to help you avoid these pitfalls. 

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