3 Ingredients for call center success, Training, Support, and Consulting

With the various approaches to call center management and software that exist, it can be hard to know which one is right for you, not to mention what kind of support you need to really make it work for your business. You may also have experienced a [...]

Agent Productivity and Workforce Optimization

Agent Productivity and Workforce Optimization Agent Productivity and Workforce Optimization Agent engagement is a big deal in the world of call center performance metrics. Many call center managers struggle to keep their call agents performing in a way that optimizes their call processing volume. This [...]

4 Reasons Why Connection Rate Matters For Call Centers

4 Reasons Why Connection Rate Matters For Call Centers In the call center of today, performance metrics come in all shapes and sizes. It seems like there is a measurement for everything: Call Agent productivity, system uptime, call volume, close rate, sales per hour, talk [...]

Improve Agent Performance with Contact Center Reporting & Analytics

Reporting Tools To Improve Contact Center Agent Performance Using built-in and customized reporting and analytics, your contact center should be measuring agent performance to increase workforce optimization and enhance the customer experience. KPIs Benchmark against key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify individual agent performance against overall operational goals.  Easily [...]

Why Cloud Connectivity Matters in the Call Center

Why Cloud Connectivity Matters in the Call Center Call center technology has advanced at an alarmingly fast pace in recent years.  Those who are responsible for managing the operations of call centers now have a variety of technology-based tools available to them—tools that didn’t even [...]

Reasons for Custom Agent Screens

Custom agent screens are integral to optimized operations and create a path towards a better CX (customer experience).  A non-customized screen can hinder close ratios for sales.  It can also mean missed opportunities to gather important information about the caller or, call recipient. Reasons to Customize Agent Screens A [...]

4 Call Center Routing Strategies to Increase Repeat Buyers

Smarter call routing strategies can change your contact center sales and marketing forecasting, increase repeat buyers and develop better customer relationships that foster repeat business. Call center call routing can empower your contact center to make smarter strategic moves when working with inbound and outbound calling. Enabling just four [...]

How to Decrease Inbound Contact Center Wait Times

Decrease Caller Wait Times & Increase Customer Satisfaction Use these same-day setup resources to decrease inbound contact center wait times and improve overall customer satisfaction. When inbound call volumes are eased and customers are given options to avoid long wait times, agent productivity also benefits. Implementing these add-on [...]

4 Tools to Improve First Contact Resolution Time

4 Tools That Improve First Contact Resolution (FCR) Service and quality scores can be maximized when contact centers improve first contact resolution times.  First contact resolution (FCR) is a measurable goal that builds customer confidence, brand loyalty, repeat buying and, grows sales.  Implementing four easily integrated software solutions [...]

The #1 Most Common Complaint from Call Center Managers

1. Define your ideal employee based on competencies (e.g. the Lominger competency library) and hire well on the front-end. You’re not looking to just put “butts in seats”; you want to select the ideal behavioral traits, hire those who fit that profile, and then partner with that [...]

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