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Our Contact Center Software Team

We’re driven by awesome customer interactions and technology that empowers agents to deliver highly personalized user experiences  with the most reliable and secure contact center software on the market.

Our Core Team Members

Noah Seis
Noah SeisCEO & Founder
Noah started My Call Cloud March, 2011 in his basement with $800 and a desire to build a robust platform from scratch using Linux and open source technologies. Noah has developed a one-of-a-kind fluency in hosting infrastructure and has since upgraded and merged My Call Cloud into a one of only 8 Co-location facilities worldwide to have 100% up-time, located right here in Denver, Colorado.
Shad Richards
Shad RichardsCFO
Shad brings more than 10 years of premise technology, extensive database management, and call center consulting experience to MyCallCloud. Shad has been instrumental in expanding the customer experience and providing unique reporting services.
Matt Scott
Matt ScottCTO
Matt oversees all technological aspects and resources at My Call Cloud. He brings more than 15 years of experience with technological infrastructure and development to the company and leads our organizational vision to maintain our position as a leader in the call center software space.
Raymond Stover
Raymond Stover VP of Sales & Marketing
Raymond has more than two decades of experience working with telecom, call center software, and unified communication technologies. He understands how different vertical markets utilize their call centers and has gained an intimate understanding of hundreds of call center environments.
Rachel Green
Rachel GreenMarketing Specialist
Rachel has been developing strategic marketing goals for both B2B and C2B companies around the globe for more than 15 years. She has received numerous accolades for her vision and work surrounding start-up software companies and have developed that into a strong portfolio for growth plans in the SaaS industry. Leading the marketing and brand vision for My Call Cloud, Rachel enjoys every minute of working alongside technical nerds.
Paolo Tayao
Paolo TayaoDirector of Customer Service/IT
Paolo brings a wealth of knowledge of contact centers, network infrastructure, system monitoring, database management to MyCallCloud. His top notch customer service knowledge has advanced the support team and business partner relationships with MyCallCloud.
Agatha Funk
Agatha FunkCustomer Service & Support
Agatha is instrumental in IVR routine programming, providing 24/7 technical support, and scripting to drive agents through their calls. Agatha is highly skilled at leading customers through all phases of implementation including: discovery, requirements gathering, configuration, training, installation, testing and production rollout. She transforms customer requirements into real solutions and manages these projects every step of the way.
Noel Cruz
Noel CruzSoftware Development & Support
An accomplished computer hardware specialist – integrating, designing, repairing, and implementing, Noel brings hands-on technical experience and decades long customer support to the My Call Cloud infrastructure and client-facing team.

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