Fully customizable dynamic agent desktops empower the call center workforce to deliver better customer experiences, enhance operations and met KPIs. My Call Cloud can integrate with any desired platform through cloud and APIs with simple installation.  Get started in days not, weeks and gain instant access to data and resources with simplified configuration for agents, administrators, supervisors, and operational staff. With My Call Cloud’s comprehensive suite of dynamic agent desktop options for optimum workforce agility.

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Seamlessly Bring Together Business Communications

My Call Cloud can seamlessly integrate your contact center and Cloud APIS or CRM for the most dynamic agent desktops and customized experiences. Offering advanced capabilities in case management, reporting, and forecasting and more.  Dynamic agent desktops and customized agent screens greater workforce productivity and better adaptability to today’s consumer – let’s achieve those sales and marketing funnel goals.

  • Get instantaneous access to data with simplified configuration

  • Unique integrations?  No problem, our experienced implementation team can get you up and running, fast.

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Reasons to Customize Agent Screens

A customized agent screen can employ many tools and resources such as:

  • CRM integrations – valuable and important customer information
  • Surveys – gather information about the call, set up future success
  • Multi-channel interactions – simultaneously send an SMS text to the customer serving a variety of purposes
  • Geographical information – relate to a caller on a localized level, develop better relationships
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Customizable Contact Center Agent Screens

crm call center software integrations

CRM Integrations

Personalized, contextual customer interactions deliver a seamless customer experience and workflow automation with intelligent call routing serves customers better.

My Call Cloud Call Center Software Outbound Solutions

Outbound Solutions

Reduce call abandonment, increase overall sales, optimize your workforce with My Call Cloud’s full suite of Outbound Contact Center Solutions.

My Call Cloud call center Reporting and Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Make precise decisions for your call center sales goals, customer service benchmarks and more based on detailed in-depth reporting and analytics with My Call Cloud technology at your fingertips.

contact center ringless voicemail no dial

No Dial™ Ringless Voicemail

Deliver non-intrusive calls to customers and experience up to 50% open rates and 30%+ call back rates with My Call Cloud No Dial™ and ringless voicemail.


  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Fully Customizable Options

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Out-of-the-Box Integrations

  • CRM Ready Integrations

  • Communicator Tools

  • Productivity Tools

  • Simplified Design Integration

  • Unified Communications

  • Industry-Standard APIs

  • Experienced Integrators

  • Role-Based Customizations

  • Plug & Play

  • Advanced Admin Options

  • Stellar Customer Service

dynamic caller id call center software

Dynamic Caller ID

Deliver country code and local area code calls to customers through with automated dynamic caller ID.

My Call Cloud Consulting Services

Call Center Consulting

Leverage our technology to optimize your workforce, improve campaign results and offer an awesome customer experience.

virtual contact center software

Virtual Contact Center

Clear up physical space for more agents, drastically decrease overhead costs and have your contact center hosted virtually through My Call Cloud and Tier 3 security facilities.

screen pop software

Screen Pop Software

Reference high level or, in-depth customer information before a call is connected using screen pop software and integrate with your call center preferred CRM.

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