ACD Automatic Call Distribution

Easily dictate how inbound calls are routed with ACD Automatic Call Distribution software.  Inbound traffic will follow a preset system of rules to route the caller via agent skills base, background information or identifying customer information. Using automatic call distribution, call centers can control volume and call traffic when combined with IVR  and deliver better customer experiences with smarter automatic call distribution routing system.

Leverage business rules based on historical data or intelligent algorithms to prioritize channels and interactions. Decide how to route a caller with ACD resources based on a customer’s needs and account information. Easily change routing strategies, all rules changes can be immediately deployed to your call center operations.

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Rule-Based Automatic Call Distribution Routing

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ACD with Call Distribution Algorithms Delivers BETTER Inbound Contact Center Solutions

ACD routing system

Simplified ACD Solutions

Newer ACD software allows for all non-technical users

Easily Adjust Rules

An ACD contact center system that can be easily manipulated without technical assistance

Streamline Agent Efforts

Automatically queue and route based on rules

Smart Routing to the Right Agent

Intelligently route callers for better customer experiences with an ACD contact center system

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    Using a predetermined set of rules such as tags or, caller information, deliver the high level of customer service callers are expecting from your brand.

    Priority routing and ACD is a simple way to grow customer loyalty and build stronger client relationships.

    This benefits both agent efficiency and agent confidence as well as the growth of future potential client buying power.

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    Automatic Call Distribution Routing System

    • Queue Optimization

    • Abandoned Call Recovery

    • Improve Contact Resolution

    • Wait Time

    • Queue Position Notification

    • Surveys & Info Collection

    • Dialed Number (DNIS)

    • Calling Party Identification (ANI)

    • Skills-Based Routing

    • Intelligent Dynamic Routing

    • Priority Routing & Queueing

    • Scheduled Call Back

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