Local Presence Dialing

Deliver country code and local area code calls to customers through automated local presence dialing software.  Incorporate dynamic local presence calling with No Dial™ and ringless voicemail to achieve even higher than expected 50% open and 30% call-back rates.

Look for higher connections and better call-back rates for customer interactions that are engaged, through localizing the call.  With local presence dialing, the call recipient is more likely to pick up the call if the number appears to be local and is similar to their phone number.  Geographically target the caller using localized caller ID and auto dialer software that automatically selects the best area code number from your list of phone numbers while dialing for the agent.

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Local Presence Dialing INCREASES Connections & Call-Backs

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local presence auto dialing
More Connections
More Call-Backs
Targeted Localization

Local Presence Dialing IMPROVES Outbound Call Center Sales & Marketing up to 40%

Improve Outbound Campaigns

Improve customer interaction rates

Reach Sales & Marketing Goals

Identifying a local number = more likely connection

Streamline Agent Efforts

Auto-match local area code

Area Code Auto Dialer

Allowing agents time with call recipients who are more engaged.

Higher Answer Rates

With local presence dialer software

Means More Brand Engagements

Better opportunities for customer generation and retention.

Dynamic Caller ID

Identifies by phone number or geographic code

More effective than non-localized

Local presence dialing software for call centers works!

increase engage localize dynamic caller ID

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Localized Caller ID Software for Call Centers

  • Ringless Voicemail Compatible

  • Multiple Countries Supported

  • Outbound Campaign Driven

  • Mobile & Land Lines

  • Same Day Setup

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Efficient Calling

  • Local & Country Codes

  • Increase Agent Efficiency

  • Increases Connections

Local Presence Calling dialer software

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