Power Dialer Software


Power dialer infuses technology that automatically dials so the agent does not have to complete that manual task.  It also automatically dials according to the queue and agent availability optimizing time.

  • Effective lead & campaign management
  • Automatic queue routing

Automate your lead and campaign management with My Call Cloud outbound power dialer software.  Prioritize agent availability with automated dialing, link pre-dialed calls with ready agents and make your outbound contact center efficient!

  • Dialer list management
  • Data import
  • Quality management
  • Call recording

Power Dialer software and technology can amplify the success of your Outbound Contact Center.

Automate campaign and lead management, automatically dial clients without wasting valuable agent time and translate the massive adaptability and customization of My Call Cloud into measurable metrics for call center efficiency and customer satisfaction!

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    My Call Cloud Power Dialer Software Features

    Automated Power Dialer Software for Contact Centers

    Power Dialer Call Center Software
    • Data Import & Export

    • Efficient Calling

    • Easy to Use

    • Fully Customizable Options

    • DNC Compliant

    • Custom Reports

    • Real-Time Reporting

    • Call Recording

    • Real-Time Recording

    • Call Barging

    • Automatic Routing

    • Same Day Setup

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    My Call Cloud Call Center Software Products & Solutions

    My Call Cloud Call Center Software Outbound Solutions

    Outbound Solutions

    Reduce call abandonment, increase overall sales, optimize your workforce with My Call Cloud’s full suite of Outbound Contact Center Solutions.

    My Call Cloud Call Center Software Blended Solutions


    Raise agent productivity with Blended Contact Center Solutions from My Call Cloud.  Combine automatic call distribution for incoming calls with predictive dialing for outbound calls, maximizing leads and campaigns.

    My Call Cloud call center omnichannel solutions


    Discover seamless strategy to deliver a high-end customer experiences across multiple touch points.  Rapidly engage agents and connect with customers, alike.

    no dial ringless voicemail drops outbound call center software

    No Dial™ Ringless Voicemail

    Deliver non-intrusive calls to customers and experience up to 50% open rates and 30%+ call back rates with My Call Cloud No Dial™ and ringless voicemail.

    What Clients Say

    The support staff is amazing and the pricing blows the competition away.  You get all of the enterprise features for a SMB price scale.  My Call Cloud should be at the top of your consideration list when contemplating implementation of a new technology or just starting off for the first time.  These guys are world class, hands down

    Jimmy Shannon, Founder/COO – Shannon Holdings, INC

    The team at My Call Cloud has consistently impressed us with their reliability.  They over-deliver on their promises and their system is always up and running.  Deciding to go with My Call Cloud has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made.

    Shawn Suhrstedt, President – Cascade Callworks

    I can say that My Call Cloud and the functionality it provided me was above and beyond my expectations!  I have worked with many contact center technology solutions and a common theme is that the more robust a technology the more complicated it can be, meaning too many steps to execute simple tasks.  My Call Cloud has exceeded my expectations and I am very satisfied with the products they provide.

    Jimmy Shannon, Founder/COO – Shannon Holdings, INC
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    My Call Cloud Outbound Call Center Software Solutions Are Reliable And Scalable

    Complimented by a full-suite of awesome features, customization, premium options and so much more!
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