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Progressive Dialer

Progressive dialer allows for contact center operations to always be calling, giving agents the hands-free power to focus on live-person connected calls.  Progressive dialing can run in the background for any size campaign.  Automatically numbers from any size list at the pace of your contact center operations.  Never stop moving forward, readying agents for connections and excellent customer experiences.

My Call Cloud’s automated dialer software uses powerful VoIP telephony web service paired with cloud dialer technology to allow one or multiple agents to make phone calls from anywhere on any computer to hundreds of landlines or cell phone numbers. Easily upload lists and begin optimizing agent time for peak windows.  Let the automatic dialer run in the background ready for agents when a live-person connection has been initiated.

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Progressive Dialer Software

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My Call Cloud Progressive Dialer

Automated Calling

Dial customers when agents become available

Automatically Call Customers

Progressive dialing only engages agents when a live-person connection is created.

Automated Messages

Auto dial and automate voicemail messages

Automatically Leave Voicemails

Bypassing bad numbers, and busy signals, leave automated messages to recipient voicemail inboxes when no connections are made.

Better Connections

Enable agent time only with successful connections

Optimize Agent Peak Times

Run automated dialer software in the background, prioritize agent times and engage only for live-person connections.

Operational Efficiency

Dial leads and list at the pace of your operations

Maximize Agent Time

Increase agent efficiency using progressive dialing software.  Dial lists in the background, waiting for agent availability.

Multiple Dialing Modes

Progressive dialing software is agile!

Auto dial and automate voicemail messages

Bypass bad numbers and wait to engage agents with real connections, stop wasting valuable operational time!

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    Progressive Dialing Contact Center Solutions

    • Campaign Management

    • Call Barging

    • Real-Time Recording

    • Dialer List Management

    • DNC Compliance

    • IVR Surveys

    • Automated Messaging

    • Campaign Performance Analysis

    • TCPA Compliant

    • Agent Scripting

    • Anywhere Agent Capabilities

    • Built-In Reporting

    • Custom Reporting

    • Data Import & Export

    • Preview Dialing

    • Manual Dialing

    • Skills-Based Dialing

    • Automatic Dialing

    • Blaster Dialing

    • Priority Dialing

    • Progressive Dialing

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