MyCallCloud celebrates 2+ years of 100% system uptime, Thanks Fortrust

MyCallCloud celebrates 2+ years of UP-TIME!

When up-time is important to your contact center / call center / dialer / calling system, we get it… MyCallCloud’s goal has always Uptime 2 yearsbeen to provide the most robust system solution that allows for as much up-time as possible. While we can’t control the internet connections between our customers and Denver, Colorado.  We have a great partner and system hosting provider helping us achieve the highest up times.

Fortrust provides N+1 redundancy in almost every facet of the hosting environment but most importantly public network internet connectivity. With managed internet dual home to our hosting cabinet we have full roll over redundancy, geographical redundancy (to our second hosting location), N+1 UPS power backups, and full hands on service to help, if we can’t get there in a timely manner. We do provide 100% up-time for your calling system.

We just recently were notified and excited to hear that our hosting partner Fortrust has just earned one of the highest awards for redundancy and up-time which is an honor to only 7 hosting facilities across the world with over 14+ years of up-time.

If you are looking for a hosting call center partner that can provide unmatched up-time and redundancy, let us know how we can help your call center business stay UP and calling.

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