MyCallCloud celebrates 4+ years of 100% system Up-Time, Thanks FORTRUST

MyCallCloud Celebrates 3+ years 4+ years 94 days 13 hours of 100% System Uptime, Thanks FORTRUST !

When uptime is important to your corecontact center technology, we get it…. The goal at MyCallCloud has always been to provide a cost effective and robust contact center solution that allows for as much uptime as possible. To help with this mission, we decided to utilize FORTRUST as our primary colocation data center and as a result, MyCallCloud now celebrates 3+ 4+ years of 100% system uptime.


MyCallCloud’s primarily hosting facility is FORTRUST’s Denver data center which has over 15+ documented years of continuous critical systems uptime. This FORTRUST facility is concurrently maintainable and is the nation’s only ‘Tier III Gold’ certified colocation data center. MyCallCloud applauds FORTRUST for earning this honor which has only been awarded to 7 hosting facilities worldwide.

MyCaMCC - 3 Years Uptime_Pub_v2llCloud’s hosted space at FORTRUST (Now Iron Mountain) has managed dual homed internet with full roll-over redundancy, geographical redundancy, N+1 UPS power backups, and full hands on service. We focus on reliability and uptime, therefore we will help your business stay UP and calling.

If you are looking for a reliable hosting call center partner that can provide unmatched uptime and redundancy, give us a call.


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